Company history

Company history

Firm name: Adlee Powertronic Co., Ltd.
Established : 1974
Founder: Mr. M. T. Chu
President: Mrs. Chen-Mei Huang, Chu
Capital: US$1,300,000
Employment: 180
Address: No. 955, Chungshan Rd., Shenkang Dist., Taichung City, 429 Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-25622651
Fax: 886-4-25628289
Email: webmaster@adlee.com
Website: www.adlee.com

1974   Adlee was established
           Clutch & fan motor developed

1980   V-3 precision motor developed

1988   V/F frequency inverter developed

1991   China factory set up

1994   DC Brushless motor & drives developed

1996   BLDC motor for E-scooter on production

1997   ISO 9002 certificated
           Specialized inverter for pump control

1999   ISO 9001 certificated

2001   Compact pump developed & production

2002   60~370W BLDC motor for industrial application on production

2003   Vector control inverter developed
           China Wuhan office set up

2007   750-3700W BLDC motor for industrial application on production

2008   Wind power generate 300W ~ 3000W developed

2009   E-Scooter Traction Module (DMC-1000) developed

2010   E-Scooter Traction Module (DMC-1000) on production

2010   Matchservo motor with Drives 120W ~ 7.5Kw developed

2012   E-Scooter Traction Module (DMC-1500) developed

2013   Matchservo motor with Drives 120W ~7.5Kw on production

2014   IEC V3 Induction Motor 1HP ~ 10HP on production

2015   DMC-4000 4KW & DMC-3000 3KW developed

2016   Brushless DC Motor with AC Drive 120W ~ 200W developed