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ADLEE always keeps stepping up its paces with your future. Our goal is " To Be One Of Leader In The Power Electronic Market." In the meantime, we emphasize the development of AC & DC motors and drives.

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Brushless DC Motors - With DC Drive

Servo Motor and Servo Drive

Include brushless DC motor advantages and upgrade their performances to be similar to a servomotor. It’s included all of speed、torque and position control modes. Especial at position mode, it can preset the positions and operate by itself without PLC or HMI. Save costs and installation time of equipment to meet human nature designation and industrial specialize needs.....(more)

Matchservo Motor & D310 Driver

Servo Motor and D310 Drive

AC servo drive provides position, speed and torque for three kinds of basic modes operation. Dual system control by torque and speed. Internal servo drive 7 segments provides position location, a return HOME mode, eliminate the cumulative amount of error, precise, no need of PC (such as HMI, PLC) control, save costs on PC, and therefore more in line with market demand. A wide range of high-efficiency operation speed 30~3000RPM, suitable for the load changes, speed variation operating conditions are generally advantages that conventional motor can't achieve.....(more)

Brushless DC Motor and BLS Drive

Brushless DC Motor and BLS Drive

An elegant design of brushless DC motor and BLS drive, you can simply set up the speed control button. As long as the connection dc motor and AC driver, the switch can be easily wiring. Already market launch and the BLS series are designed for easy operation. The motor uses a small, high-output, high-efficiency brushless motor, and fully renovates the AC driver which features are stable speed control, wide speed control range, thin and high efficiency and energy saving effect....(more)

Brushless DC Motors - With AC Drive

Brushless DC Motor and AC Drive

Has very low cogging torque to meet the industrial requirement. This Brushless DC Motor is designed with NdFeB magnets. Motor speed can be over 10,000RPM. Wide speed range, high power and torque density are going to improving your systems....(more)

Brushless DC Motors - With DC Drive

Brushless DC Motor and DC Drive

Is a great product for EV, Electric Vehicle and battery power applications. This Brushless DC Motor is designed with Rare earth magnets. High efficiency, high power and torque density are going to improving your systems....(more)

E-Scooter Traction Module

E-Vehicle Traction Module

E-Vehicle Traction Module is including Motor, Drive and CVT.
Specification is 48 Vdc, rated power from 1.1Kw to 4Kw and peak torque is form5.5Nm to 9.8Nm. There are suitable for E-Scooter, Golf Car, Tractor, Forklift and Minivan…(more)

Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive

Is from 0.25 KW to 11KW with 400HZ, 800HZ and 2000HZ series. The Variable Frequency Drive has full of operation functions. Built-in variable digital/analog input functions to suit a wide field of needs. Easy to install and convenient to operate features. ...(more)

Inverter Duty Motors

Inverter Duty Motor

Are designed for optimized performance to run with variable frequency drive. The Inverter Duty Motor have independent cooling fan to cool down motor. It can operate for wide speed range without any heating problem...(more)

IE3 V3 Induction Motors

IE3 V3 Induction Motor

IE3 V3 Induction Motor are from 0.75Kw to 7.5Kw. Voltages are designed as all customers’ need. Motor frequency are available for 50HZ, 50/60HZ, 60HZ. Flange mount and Base mount are available for all series.....(more)

Spindle Motors

IE3 V1 Spindle Motor

IE3 Spindle Motor are V3 class low vibration 3 phase induction AC motor. Spindle motor has extra low vibration performance with efficiency is conform to IEC 60034-30 IE3 standard. They are specifically designed for grinding machines and low vibration applications. They are available from 1HP to 30HP....(more)

IE3 V3 Blower Motor

Adlee offers direct drive high-speed 3 phase induction blower motor styles for cooling, heating, ventilation, air Conditioning, blower and all kinds of air applications. These motors are designed for low vibration, low noise operation and met the IE3 premium efficiency standards. They are totally enclosed fan-cooled, inverter duty, F class insulation, frame available from 71 to 132 and power available from 1/2 to 10HP. Motor frame and shaft dimensions can be customer design...(more)

AC Induction motor

AC Induction Motor

The general AC induction electric motors are designed with IEC standard in varied counties. These motors ...(more)

Industrial Sewing machine Motors

Industrial Sewing Machine Motor

Is from 200W to 750W. It has 2 pole and 4 pole model for speed selections. Motor has rotation change switch and 110/220 voltage change switch. Good motors for industrial sewing machine...(more)

Condenser Fan Motors

Condenser Fan Motor

Are for industrial fan from 1/4HP to 1/2HP, installed with 24 or 30 inch fan blade for general cooling applications. Oscillation (OSC) and Non-oscillation (NSC) models are available. All motors are with multi-speeds switch...(more)

Matchservo Motor IE4

Matchservo Motor IE4

Matchservo Motor IE4 from 3.7Kw to 5.5Kw 2000RPM for Elevator and Lifter.....(more)